I have been a musician my whole life. I took basic piano lessons as a kid, but only because my mother was a piano teacher so it was forced upon me. I did eventually learn to play piano on my own, but mostly self taught and only by ear. My brain still largely shuts down when I look at sheet music.

Fortunately for me my mother was also in a local club band for a while and I got exposed to pop / rock music, or more specifically, drums. This came at a good time because I had just finished a year of playing trombone in the grade school band and I really dreaded continuing down that path. After a summer of simple rudimentary lessons I got to join the percussion section that next fall.

By the time I reached high school I was playing in jazz band, had been in more than one rock band, and was even doing session work in local bars. It was a different world back then. The drinking age was only 19 and I was a 14 year old with facial hair so when I showed up for gigs nobody paid any attention.

I have taken a few breaks from the music world, sometimes for travel, sometimes for family, and once due to injuries that forced a prolonged departure, but music and drumming have been in my heart and soul without interruption for over 30 years and I am more than a little happy that it is an active part of my life right now.



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